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Application of labor insurance gloves
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Application of labor insurance gloves

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Work gloves are a common type of work gloves. Gloves are the oldest of the well-known gloves, skins, goatskin, pigskin and sheepskin. Gloves are made from the above leather and Not easy to be damaged, long service life and fine processing makes the leather gloves comfortable to wear, grasps the goods accurately, and the other leather gloves also has the advantages of good heat resistance and insulation properties. Here we come to understand what are the applicable environment protective gloves?
First, live work with insulating gloves:
Refers to the operator in the AC voltage 10 kV and below electrical equipment (or the corresponding voltage level of DC electrical equipment) for live operations, wear an insulating gloves in the hands of the role of electrical insulation. Its product type, dimensions and technical requirements to comply with "live working gloves with insulating gloves General requirements." Gloves must have good electrical insulation properties. Also requires good tensile strength and elongation at break, as well as puncture resistance, anti-aging properties, flame resistance and low temperature performance.
Second, acid-resistant gloves:
Is to prevent acid-base injury hand protection products, its quality should be consistent with "acid (alkali) gloves" regulations. Gloves are not allowed to blooming, brittle, sticky and damaged defects. Non-leaky gloves means: must be air-tight, under certain pressure, are not allowed to have a leak phenomenon. According to the material, the glove can be divided into rubber acid-base glove, latex acid-base glove, plastic acid-base glove, dip-resistant acid-base glove and the like. Waterproof gloves, gloves can be used acid-base gloves instead.
Third, oil-resistant gloves:
These products are made of nitrile rubber, chloroprene or polyurethane to protect the skin of the hands from various skin diseases such as acute dermatitis, acne, folliculitis, dry skin, Chapped, pigmentation and nail changes.