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Low temperature environment operators need to pay attention to matters
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Low temperature environment operators need to pay attention to matters

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Workersworkingunderlowtemperatureenvironmentneedtopayspecialattentiontotheirownhealthandpreventvariouslow-temperaturehazardsintheiroperations. Mattersneedingattentionare:Atwork,workersmustwearwarmclot
Workers working under low temperature environment need to pay special attention to their own health and prevent various low-temperature hazards in their operations.
Matters needing attention are:
At work, workers must wear warm clothes, shoes, hats, gloves and other warm products, cold clothing to avoid moisture, hands and feet can not be tied too tight to avoid affecting the local blood circulation.
Cold, cold workers in their daily lives, we should pay attention to enhance the ability to adapt to the cold or cold. Cold-resistant exercise methods are: cold water wash the eyelids, wash your hands, feet, can also take cold air stimulation methods for exercise. However, these cold-resistant exercise, but also vary, such as to consider the physical strength, age, etc .; due to seasonal changes in temperature varies; method should also pay attention to gradual and orderly.
Low temperature, cold storage operations, due to the impact of low temperature environment, human nutrition and metabolism will change, so workers should pay special attention to diet, eat cold food, cold food in order to avoid gastrointestinal adverse stimuli, affecting digestion. Should increase the body's metabolic exotherm, eating high-calorie foods to increase the ability to cold; hot foods should be based on protein-rich foods such as lean meat, eggs, fish, soybeans and soy products, and should eat more Some vegetables rich in vitamin C and so on.
Good living habits are not negligible workers, plus the need to pay attention to the selection of labor insurance products, choose the appropriate cold gloves, overalls and other cold products.