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What are the main industry of low temperature operation
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What are the main industry of low temperature operation

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After entering in November, the winter can really come. Followed by wave after wave of large cooling, many in indoor and outdoor operations, non-heating facilities, workers should pay special attention to labor protection at low temperatures ah! According to China's national standard cryogenic job classification requirements, the workers in the production process, the average temperature at their place of work is equal to or lower than 5 degrees Celsius is the low-temperature operation. Low temperature operations in the industry mainly in the following categories:
First, open air or field work in cold winter areas, such as construction, construction and maintenance of power transmission and transformation lines, geological exploration, agriculture, fisheries and field trips.
Second, water and underwater operations of rivers and reservoirs, water pipe bursts and repairs in waterworks, and sea and underwater operations.
Third, work indoors without heating due to conditions or other reasons, such as cold storage, cellars and other places.
In low-temperature environment when working, pay attention to the protection of their hands, this time should be specific operating conditions, choose the right cold gloves, cold gloves, many types, including PVC gloves Shun Shun, Shandong production, mainly fluorescent sponge composite cloth Lined, cashmere wool sleeve, as well as padded velvet lined. These PVC cold gloves not only have the role of warm and cold, as well as water and oil proof acid and alkali effects.
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