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Common classification of protective gloves in personal protective equipment
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Common classification of protective gloves in personal protective equipment

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As one of the personal protective equipment, the protective gloves are mainly used to prevent laborers' hand from being exposed to external factors such as physical, chemical and biological factors in work and are the most commonly used safety protection products in job protection. A wide range of protective gloves, in addition to anti-chemical class, as well as anti-cutting, electrical insulation, waterproof, cold, heat radiation, fire retardant and other functions, commonly used gloves are the following.
1, straight-type gloves: gloves, fingers and hands in a flat glove.
2, hand gloves: like natural hand gloves. His thumb and other four fingers are not in a plane, the palm and the five fingers inwardly bent.
3, acid-base gloves, acid-resistant gloves: anti-acid-base performance with dipped gloves.
4, anti-vibration gloves: anti-vibration gloves with attenuation performance.
5, anti-insect gloves: hand gloves to defend insects bites.
6, anti-radioactive gloves: gloves with anti-radiation performance.
7, anti-static gloves: can prevent their own accumulation of static electricity caused by the gloves.
8, insulated gloves: can make the hand and charged objects insulated gloves.
9, work gloves: defense against common injuries (thorns, cutting, hanging grind, hanging, friction, etc.) and dirty gloves.
10, anti-virus gloves: gloves with anti-virus performance.
11, Welder gloves: sparks to prevent welding operations, molten metal, high temperature metal, high temperature radiation damage gloves.
In operation protection, the use of gloves is of paramount importance. It is closely related to the hand protection of workers, which can protect workers from or reduce accidental injuries and occupational hazards.
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